J'adore Absolu

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J'adore absolu is the new floral fragrance by the House of Dior. In an incredibly lush composition, François Demachy blends voluptuous and sensual floral absolutes. Absolutes of Grasse Jasmine, Sambac Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia intertwine with unprecedented freshness: flowers take on the sweetness of a delicious syrup, a sublime, natural and seductive nectar.

J'adore absolu is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents.

"In this composition, I wanted Jasmine to shine with all its intensity. It is wild, fruity, drenched in sunlight. Swathed in honey notes of orange blossom and rose, it reveals lusher, more nectar-like accents."

François Demachy


An ode to sensuality and beauty


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