Dior unveils its Summer 2020 menswear collection by Kim Jones. Shot by Steven Meisel, these photographs showcase the silhouettes and accessories designed by the Artistic Director in collaboration with Daniel Arsham. This US artist also created the fashion show’s scenography based on pieces of work from his Future Relics series.

“This new campaign pays tribute to Dior’s past and future in a simply timeless way,” states Kim Jones.

Known as an “archeologist of the future,” Daniel Arsham has reimagined an eroded, run-down version, pierced with quartz crystals, of the legendary DeLorean, the star of the Back to the Future trilogy. In this series of photos, the fascinating, time-traveling car shares the stage with Kim Jones’ creations, combining both Dior’s identity and heritage with the present.

  • This includes the use of lily of the valley, Christian Dior’s lucky flower, as well as the Dior Oblique canvas, designed by Marc Bohan in 1967.
    This graphic motif is emblazoned, like an indelible signature in vibrant and iridescent shades, onto a set of exclusive pieces created with the luxury luggage house, RIMOWA.

  • The Cabin and Trunk suitcases, the Hand Case and the Personal clutch in aluminum are among Dior’s contemporary, iconic pieces. Kim Jones has reinvented the Saddle Bag as a menswear item, in graded leather and cast in a mold like an artifact or swathed in a new take on the “newspaper” print from the Spring-Summer 2000 haute couture fashion show. These new designs, already brand hallmarks, launch us into the year 3020, where we find ourselves among Monsieur Dior’s favorite objects – like his telephone or timepiece – which have also been reincarnated as accessories.

  • The tailoring has been revamped as well, in supple and light materials, as in the Tailleur Oblique line, which comes in the shades of gray and blue so dear to Christian Dior. Transparent ankle boots, inspired by shoes worn by Daniel Arsham in his atelier, jackets and flowing pants give the models a sense of elegant modernity. The Dior logo that embellishes the jewelry has a cracked and timeworn look, while the earrings are adorned with crystals, echoing the artist’s work and philosophy.

Taking the spirit of the fashion show even further, this captivating dialog between past, present and future has penned a new chapter in the House’s history, a unique tribute to its heritage.

Photo credit – Steven Meisel