Discover Dior Homme Sport

  • Dior Homme Sport is reinvented to more fully embody a life lived with sport as a philosophy, not a race for number one. The notion of a free and intense life, full of love, laughter and dreams imbued with sensuality. François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, has recreated the composition of his fragrance, taking inspiration from the codes of this new lifestyle. An energizing, fruity and spicy scent that retains the sexy, woody notes of Dior Homme. A freshness that takes up the challenge of extreme endurance, and a never-ending beginning.

Life is a playground

  • Romain Gavras delivers a dynamic, sensual film that combines the signature images of the iconic Robert Pattinson with new snapshots of New York coursing with urban energy.

    The Dior man is there, captured in an offbeat "sport" spirit that moves perpetually in sync with pulse of the city.

    The new, high-powered and tightly cut film features the emblematic skaters and basketball players who embody a pavement-pounding spirit of sport.

    A mosaic of candid snapshots showing all nuances of a Dior spirit that steeps the word "sport" in the philosophy of a free and intense life.

Dior Homme Sport Very Cool Spray a new way to wear fragrance

  • Dior Homme Sport boasts an unbreakable spray bottle. With each spray, the pouch encased in the bottle is compressed by the surrounding air to release the fragrance. A technical design that eliminates all gas emission by using the environmentally friendly power of air, the mister releases a cloud of micro-droplets that is much fuller and more powerful than a classic spray. An innovative way to apply fragrance that inspired François Demachy in his reinterpretation of the Dior Homme Sport composition. A spicy freshness with heightened top notes. Free and easy. Cool.

  • Dior Homme Sport is the icon of a lifestyle in which style matters and freedom reigns.

    Dior Perfumer-Creator François Demachy has equipped Dior Homme Sport with an innovative Very Cool Spray.

    He has nuanced its trail to create a fresh and portable Eau de Toilette.

    It is decked out in a solid, elegant new-generation bottle you can take anywhere.

    Fresh and aromatic, it encourages free and uninhibited fragrance application.

An everlasting freshness

  • A powerful, vibrant, juicy, fruity freshness. Vivid and juicy Blood Orange encounters the subtlety of Citron Essence that diffuses its gently piquant notes together with a note of Grapefruit. Pear Extract caresses and cloaks this harmony of sharp, lemony notes, surrounding it with juicy sweetness. The aromatic-spicy signature of Dior Homme unfurls, heightened by a note of Elemi, a lemony incense that supports the composition. A fruity freshness that lasts and lasts with the "relay-notes" of Pink Pepper and Nutmeg.