Discover the 6 expert targeted serums

  • 6 targeted complementary serums to personalize your youth routine.


  • A true concentrate of vitality, this ultra-enveloping oil-serum strengthens and protects the skin barrier of even the most stressed and tired skin. It has dual repairing powers, nourishing and protecting both the skin's surface and deep within to restore its youthful glow. 

The Glow booster

  • The end of dull, stifled skin. Thanks to the power of Murunga plum, known to be 100 times more concentrated in vitamin C than the orange, this serum restores radiance and combats complexion irregularities for glowing, even skin.

The Plump Filler

  • A true concentrate of hydration. Thanks to the power of hyaluronic acid extracted from fermented wheat, this serum nourishes and acts on the epidermis for plump, supple, skin and boosted elasticity.

The Matte Maximizer

  • The daily solution for combination skin. Thanks to the power of lactic acid extracted from sugar cane, combined with pink clay and zinc gluconate, this serum regulates excessive shine and tightens the pores to mattify the skin and refine the skin's texture.

The Lift Sculptor

  • A tightening, anti-slackening treatment to sculpt volumes. Thanks to the power of polyphenols from a blend of teas, this serum combats a lack of tone and elasticity for firmed skin and clearly defined contours.

The Redness Soother

  • The ideal solution for reactive skin. Thanks to the power of cotton peptides, this serum protects the skin from outside aggressors and helps neutralize redness for soothed skin and an even complexion.