* Cutting-Edge Long-Lasting Energy.

High-performance gentle cleanser

150 mL
The best1 total age-defying cleanser born from Dior's research on stem cells and its floral expertise, for more resilient skin that radiates a youthful healthy glow, at any age. Your skin’s youthful healthy radiance is determined by just 0.2% of your skin cells: stem cells. Dior researchers have shown that over time, these precious cells lose half their energy potential2.
Dior Science has decoded the natural revitalizing power of 4 exceptional flowers to create the patented3 Bio-Cellular Technology™. It restores the full powers² of the skin's stem cells and reactivates the 6 essential functions4 of the skin for total age-defying action by the new high-performance gentle cleanser from Capture Totale.

1 At Dior.
2 In vitro test on ingredient.
3 Patent granted for longoza extract France FR2891458 / Germany, England, Italy, Spain EP1933808 / China CN101282711 / Korea KR101460769/ Japan JP5247454 / USA US7381436.
4 Energy, regeneration, self-repair, healing and cell production, melanin inhibition.