ABCDior "Q" Mitzah Scarf Blue Silk Twill

Reference: 81ABC106Q600_C528

Mitzah ABCDior "Qui?" scarf in blue silk twill, 6 x 100 cm, customizable with metal letters and symbols.

Discover the A to Z of the history of Dior in twenty-six words and expressions, letters and images displayed like a guessing game - a game which the surrealists, whose art Christian Dior exhibited in his gallery, would certainly have enjoyed. These artists have particularly inspired the Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. Multifaceted woman, an image that cannot be reduced to stereotypes, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s muse often has several identities, and she plays on this confusion like the surrealists that break themselves up and perplex, introducing doubt to entice us in.