• Rare. Unique. Spectacular. L’Or de Vie is the Dior skincare masterpiece created from the legendary Château d’Yquem.


  • The absolute flagship of French luxury, Château d’Yquem is a unique vineyard, situated in the Bordeaux region of France. Described as a miracle by the greatest experts, its wine transcends centuries with the highest level of excellence. The frequent tasting of these sometimes centuries-old vintages confirms its incredible longevity.


  • Château d’Yquem owes its unbelievable longevity to its vineyard planted on a mosaic of exceptional soils and to the meticulous care dedicated to its production throughout the year. The magic of the estate is coupled with the benefits of the stringent cultivation methods that have been perpetuated from one generation to the next for 4 centuries. The successive manual grape harvests individually select the grapes worthy of entering Yquem wine. The selectivity is such that the estate's yield is the lowest in the world: each vine produces just one glass of wine. And when its level of excellence is not high enough, the Château makes the tough decision to not distribute that vintage. 10 vintages have thus not made it onto the market since the 20th century began.


  • The fruit of this terroir and expertise, the sap that runs through the heart of the Yquem vine is at the origin of the wine’s exceptional longevity. It is the most incredible natural treasure from the Dior Gardens. For the past 30 years, Dior Science has researched its amazing cosmetic potential. A brilliant antioxidant,* the sap is also capable of encouraging a very wide array of factors** known to prolong the skin’s youthful appearance. The spectrum of its action is spectacular. It surpasses that of all other ingredients.*** The skin cells’ vital functions are extraordinarily revitalized. Intensely stimulated and perfectly protected, the skin enters a virtuous cycle of continuously improving, unimpaired beauty. The skin becomes more and more beautiful and increasingly stronger. * In vitro and in vivo tests, including vs. the most renowned antioxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Idebenone and a competitor vine extract. ** In vitro test. *** Dior.


  • 滴滴臻萃,源自依葵珍酿 DIOR迪奥呈献全新倾世护肤佳作:凝世金颜修护精华液。 非凡御龄臻品,滴滴凝聚依葵葡萄至纯精萃,焕现年轻,感受肌肤惊艳焕变。 依葵活性酵母(酵母多糖类),释放非凡卓能功效 DIOR迪奥美妍科学中心揭秘依葵酒庄的全新护肤奇迹:依葵活性酵母。 特殊活性成分,在伊葵酒庄历经酝酿,蕴含倾世卓能,仿佛凝时光为金…… 它能包裹成熟葡萄并逐渐渗透果皮。 在外,隔绝葡萄果实,帮助抵御微生物侵袭。 在内,源源释放至奢能量,将葡萄焕变臻萃。 如今,DIOR迪奥采用前沿生物技术发酵流程,如炼金术般精纯提炼,令伊葵活性酵母卓能于肌肤逐层释放。 外部御护,依葵活性酵母为肌肤裹覆无形保护屏障,帮助抵御外界侵袭。 深透释放,帮助巩固增强肌肤防御机制,提升修护卓能。


  • A fundamental preliminary step, La Lotion infuses skin cells with the power of deoxidation, to complete the antioxidant action of the L’Or de Vie ritual. Dior Innovation: cellular deoxidation. At the heart of the formula, this 100% deoxidized toner water is infused with a bouquet of Yquem extracts that help eliminate oxidized cells and recreate an optimal cellular environment. La Lotion helps maintain the skin's balance. Infused with a tantalizing sensoriality, the skin regains its original radiance and clarity. The power of the L’Or de Vie ritual is amplified.


  • A remarkable formula. Three bottles adorned with gold thread and crimson wax seals. The greatest concentration of ingredients from the Château d’Yquem harvest of the year 2017. Dior unveils its ultimate masterpiece: L’Or de Vie La Cure, limited series vintage skincare. In 3 months, the skin's youthful beauty is as if spectacularly revived. The skin gains exceptional resistance. 2017, AN EXTREME CONCENTRATED VINTAGE FOR AN EXCEPTIONAL SKIN RESISTANCE The 2017 vintage will be remembered at Château d’Yquem for the extremely swift, even brutally sudden rise in concentration that led to a race against time: 11 days of intensive harvesting between September 26 and October 9 in order to contain the concentration levels which risked becoming too high, a most unexpected scenario for Château d’Yquem. This lightning-fast harvest meant that the crops of numerous parcels had to be sacrificed. The harvested grapes had amber-coloured skins attesting to their extreme concentration. Using a unique extraction process, Dior Science managed to capture all of the power of the Yquem grapes for the benefit of the skin. The 2017 harvest produced an exclusive vintage.

A spectacular transformation

  • La Lotion: A fundamental preliminary step, it is applied as pre-skincare before Le Sérum to infuse the skin with its power of deoxidation.


    Le Sérum: The serum’s silky texture penetrates at the heart of the skin to diffuse the quintessence of Yquem sap, for complete action on signs of aging from the first drop.


    La Crème: Designed for normal to combination skin, its supple texture delicately melts into the skin. Lines are smoothed, facial contours are reshaped, and the complexion is illuminated with a delicate velvety glow.


    La Crème Riche : The creamy, melt-in texture of La Crème Riche deeply nourishes the driest of skins, wrapping it in absolute comfort. Deeply rebuilt, the face regains its fullness and tone. Its contours appear perfectly sculpted, defined and firm.


    La Crème Contour Yeux et Lèvres: Its fine, melt-away texture diminishes signs of dark circles and puffiness, smooths wrinkles and perfectly redefines the lip contour. The eyes and lips are brightened.